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PCDC Monthly Meeting

Thursday, June 1 @ 6:30 pm

Wisteria Vineyard, 1126 Marksville Road, Stanley

Page County Democrats Annual Dinner
Thank you to all who attended

Message from the Chairman


In 2022 and continuing into the New Year, local Democrats remain focused on local community issues, while recognizing the larger national developments that affect us all.

The Page County Democratic Committee recently launched a scholarship fund to support students who graduate in the spring of 2023 from both high schools. Students with demonstrated
financial need may qualify, as long as they enroll in either a post-graduate tech school program, community college, or 4-year college. The scholarships are funded by tax deductible
contributions from individual citizens—whatever their political orientation—directly to the tax exempt Page County Public Education Foundation. The Foundation will administer the program
and select qualifying students based on nonpartisan criteria Page County Democrats specify. As of January 2023, we’ve raised $4,000—enough for a $2,000 scholarship to a graduating senior
from each of our county high schools.


Protecting our local environment remains a central value for the PCDC and in fact, for our whole community. This includes engaging with local business and the Virginia Department of
Environmental Quality to maintain the water quality and beauty of the South Fork of the Shenandoah River—a resource for us all to enjoy.

Our ongoing communications program provides the facts and truth about Democratic positions on a wide range of local and national issues. See our posts and videos on our Facebook Page. In 2023, we will continue to support candidates for public office who are aligned with the policy positions and programs we value.

Year in and year out, local Democrats—in coordination with state and federal counterparts—work to improve daily life for citizens here in Page County and for all Americans. That means better job


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opportunities, technical training and pay; improved quality and
affordability of healthcare, mental health services and public education (from pre-K through community and four-year college); upgrading to rural broadband; preserving our forests, water
and air; racial justice; and service on many local community organizations, nonprofits and agencies.

We make a difference in our community and you can too. Please join our efforts.

Samuel "Skip" Halpern

Chairman, Page County Democratic Committee

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