School Board Public Hearing

The Page C0unty School Board is holding a public hearing on Thursday evening, October 27, at 6:30, at its Central Office (735 W. Main St., Luray) for members of the public to weigh in an interim appointment to the Board to replace Tommy Lansberry who tragically died in September.

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Message from the Chairman


Last January, local Democrats held a Summit to re-think and renew our efforts and in March we held a follow-up session to report on the results and recommendations from that process.  We’ve now given form to several specific programs to put our Democratic shoulders to the wheel and to engage in the Page County community on several fronts. Among many other steps and activities, local Democrats are:


  • Launching a scholarship fund designed to support high school students who graduate in spring of 2023 and plan to attend tech school, community college, and 4-year college.  This will revolve around contributions from individual citizens—whatever their political orientation—flowing to the Page County Public Education Foundation. The Foundation will administer the program based on nonpartisan criteria Page County Democrats specify.

  • Supporting public education not only through the scholarship program but also by way of road signs encouraging students, teachers, parents, and administrators despite the challenging times they have all endured.

  • Collaborating with the Chamber of Commerce to provide a series of sessions on practical local issues, such as getting a mortgage and helping first-time buyers understand the housing market here.  Later sessions may include nuts and bolts of investing for those with 401(k) funds or other personal assets.

  • Continuing our well-established Pizza n’ Politics series of discussions on local social and political issues.

  • Planning to maintain a headquarters in Luray during the upcoming election season.

Our Annual Dinner at the end of April was a big success, with great turnout, at a beautiful venue (Brenwood Lake Weddings in Stanley), and three energizing speakers: Virginia State Senator

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Jennifer McClellan; candidate Jennifer Lewis, the Democratic nominee for the Sixth U.S. Congressional District; and candidate

Alex White, running for Luray Town Council. At the Dinner, we also presented Audre King, Executive Director of the Living Legacy and West Luray Recreation Center, with a recognition award for his community work and raised funds for his

Page County Democrats strongly support public education, accessible and affordable healthcare, and other programs that make this County a great place to live, work, and raise a family.  We welcome all who are interested in helping achieve those goals.  If you want to be part of the solution, please get in touch with us.

Samuel "Skip" Halpern

Chairman, Page County Democratic Committee

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