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Democratic Part of Page County Caucus

The Democratic Party of Page County, Virginia (DPPCV) will hold a Caucus at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 7, 2023, at the West Luray Recreation Center (aka “The REC”), 630 West Main St, Luray, Va., 22835, for the purpose of electing members to the Page County Democratic Committee (PCDC).  All Democrats residing in Page County are invited to attend.  Immediately following the caucus, the PCDC will hold its December meeting at which it will elect officers.

Message from the Chairman


With the elections behind us and near year’s-end fast approaching, it’s time for a wrap-up on 2023.

At the start of the year, Page County Democrats decided to operate on dual tracks this year and into the future. One track has maintained our traditional, partisan political activities—supporting
candidates for office and promoting policies and programs we value. The other track has concentrated on local, nonpartisan, civic activity aimed at issues of community concern across
the political divide.

On both fronts, 2023 has proven significant.
Election results reflect how party politics are evolving in and around our County. On the one hand, Republican nominees for the General Assembly won re-election district-wide, with strong
support here in Page County. Yet on the other hand, even in this supposed “Red” stronghold, local governments (on both the town and county levels) now include three young elected
officials who are Independent, eschewing traditional party labels.

Meanwhile, the Republican nominee for County Clerk of Court came in dead last among the four candidates running for that
office. In that and other races against Republican nominees, Independent candidates ran strong campaigns, with some prevailing and others coming close. State-wide, of course, Democrats not only retained control of the Senate, but also gained control of the House of Delegates.

Last spring, the PCDC voted to support a newly-created effort called “Community Works,” which coordinates with other local groups-- churches, nonprofits and civic organizations-- to
address important needs in Page County.  CW’s goal (and PCDC’s goal in supporting it) is to help develop trust among neighbors across the political divide, working for the common good.
Funded by a 501(c) organization called the Rural Urban Bridge Initiative, CW hired a part-time “Local Coordinator” this summer. Since then, drawing on volunteers from PCDC and other
residents with varying political views, CW has already undertaken

several programs in partnership with others, including: the West Luray Rec Center (food drive, art classes, rehabilitating a house in Stanley for a grandmother and her five grandchildren);

Page One (raising funds for home heating assistance to County families who would otherwise go cold); and the “Wesley Brown Night before Christmas” event for local kids with disabilities.

Local Democrats also launched our scholarship program this year (awarding $2,000 last spring to
a graduating high school student from each County high school) and continued our trash pick-ups along Route 340, south of Luray. These will continue, heading into 2024.


As my term as PCDC’s Chair comes to an end this month, I want to thank so many of our members for tremendous support, time, effort, and creativity over the past years. Fortunately, with a very capable, energetic, and focused successor in Miles Morimoto, we can look forward to continuing PCDC’s dual tracks of good work into the future.

Here is wishing a wonderful holiday season to all of our friends and a healthy and prosperous new year!

Samuel "Skip" Halpern

Chairman, Page County Democratic Committee

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