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PCDC Monthly Meeting

Thursday, June 1 @ 6:30 pm

Wisteria Vineyard, 1126 Marksville Road, Stanley

Message from the Chairman


As this year’s local and state election season begins, Page County Democrats are very engaged on many fronts.

Incumbent Penny Gray—the County’s Treasurer—is running for re-election without opposition. As in years past, we continue to strongly support Penny and thank her for her years of service to
the County’s citizens.

Kathy Beery is running for Virginia Senate against incumbent Mark Obenshain. She stresses several issues, including women’s healthcare and reproductive rights, strong public education,
better healthcare, and workers’ rights. See more information about Kathy at Keeping the Senate under Democratic control is critically important. Consider this single astonishing fact: Obenshain sponsored legislation requiring any woman who suffers a miscarriage without a
doctor present to report that tragedy to the police within 24 hours or risk going to jail and incurring a fine. (That is neither a misprint nor an exaggeration).

Bob Smith is running for the House of Delegates against incumbent Todd Gilbert. He stresses jobs and job training, strong public education, affordable healthcare, a clean Shenandoah River,
and quality, affordable childcare.  You may find out more about Bob at his website,

But local Democrats are focused not only on elections. Year in and year out, we work in coordination with state and federal counterparts to improve daily life for citizens here in Page
County and for all Americans. We sponsor scholarships for graduating high school seniors to further their education at a

technical school, community college, or four-year college. We clean up local roadsides. We fight to protect the Shenandoah River and to preserve our County’s rural character. We support the County’s “Community Works” program, which is developing free
tutoring courses for local adults and kids to better their lives.
Community Works; RUBI.

As our brochure puts it, we’re “Building our Community Together.” Please join our efforts.

Samuel "Skip" Halpern

Chairman, Page County Democratic Committee

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